My Gift For International Women’s Day: 4 Proven Tips for Entrepreneurs

Today is International Women’s Day, a day where there are thousands of events throughout the world to uplift, inspire and honor the achievements of the greater sex.

Kidding (kinda) on the “greater” part, but I thought today would be a perfect time to tell you about an experience I had earlier this week with a bunch of Portland women.

womendayWe all know that the business world is dominated by men and their prevalence grows with each rung that’s climbed on that ladder of success. This … Read more ...

Part II: My Road To Audition And The Destination

Earlier I told you about my chance to audition for a new show called Local, USA on Chicago’s WTTW.
The program will be shot around the city and showcase regional public television feature and independent videos.
I had spent a few days practicing my script and found I delivered it well if the paper was in my hand and I could glance down every now and again. Unfortunately that script became like Dumbo’s feather. Since the producer said there would be a teleprompter 
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Didja hear? I got a new job!

There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you. I’ve got a new job! Well, I’ve been there since August, so it’s more of a new-ish job.

I’m the web editor for The Chicago Reporter. It’s an investigative magazine in Chicago that focuses on race and poverty. The gig is a great fit for me because issues concerning brown folks and poor folks have always been nearest and dearest to my heart.

image by new_sox

The Reporter has a storied history. It’s been around for … Read more ...

The people at Vocalo decided to let me co-host a show

I’m doing something kinda cool today and I was going to keep it under wraps, but then I thought, what if I don’t get asked to do it again? So I’m telling you guys.

I’m going to be co-hosting a live radio show! I know, who ever thought to get me in front of a microphone unscripted and completely live obviously doesn’t know me or my mouth very well. Nevertheless I’m doing it.

It’s on Chicago’s Vocalo 89.5 FM or you can stream me live … Read more ...

A Snapshot from This Woman Trying To Juggle It All

So I, along with millions others, have read Ann-Marie Slaughter’s piece in the Atlantic entitled “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All.” I’m not going to pontificate on whether indeed we can have it all. (That hearty exchange is on my Facebook page.)

I will say though today felt like a struggle to juggle it all. The day was by no means bad, it was just tough. Not single-mother-working-three-jobs-to-feed-her-kids tough, but it also wasn’t a walk in the park. Here’s a day in the … Read more ...