Didja hear? I got a new job!

There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you. I’ve got a new job! Well, I’ve been there since August, so it’s more of a new-ish job.

I’m the web editor for The Chicago Reporter. It’s an investigative magazine in Chicago that focuses on race and poverty. The gig is a great fit for me because issues concerning brown folks and poor folks have always been nearest and dearest to my heart.

image by new_sox

The Reporter has a storied history. It’s been around for … Read more ...

Didja Hear? I Just Quit My Job

I quit my job Monday. My dad called my move “bold.” Others said it was “inspiring.” For me, it was time.

Shortly after resigning.

Twelve years ago I walked into The Associated Press, just weeks after college graduation. I remember being nervous and excited to begin my new life. There were a couple months in St. Louis, then Kansas City, where Hubby proposed and finally Chicago, where we’ve been for 10 years. (How the hell did *that* happen?)

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