Celebrating Halloween, Norwegian style

We’ve made it through our first Halloween in Norway. These past few weeks, I’ve been wondering how it was going to be because Norwegians have only celebrated All Hallows’ Eve for the past 15 or so years.

There’s a holiday near the Christmas season called husbukk where kids go around knocking on doors asking for treats, but it’s not the same.

Since my husband didn’t grow up trick or treating, when we lived in the US, he was ga-ga for all things Halloween and it … Read more ...

A New Gig With The Queen Latifah Show

I’ve got exciting news. My lovely subscribers already got the scoop, but I wanted the rest of you to know that I’ve got a new blogging gig and it’s for The Queen Latifah Show.

My first piece is in line with my hard-news/social commentary background: This year’s top costumes for kids and adults this Halloween. Ha.

But seriously, it’s a fun post that’s now up on her site. You can check it out here:

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Back To The Future: My Binders Full of Women

I love Halloween. And I don’t mean in the wild-about-zombies kind of way. I just like to dress up and see other people’s costumes. My faves are the homemade ones.

I have a friend who makes these crazily intricate costumes for her whole family. One year, they were characters from Toy Story and I remember her trying to think of different ways she could make Buzz Lightyear’s space helmet. This year her son is going as a turtle and according to Facebook, she turned to … Read more ...

Owning His Fear: He’s ‘Not Afraid’

Like many Americans, we hit the sidewalk yesterday all dressed up with a bucket in tow to go knock on strangers’ doors and beg for candy. Halloween, what a fun holiday!

It also can be horribly scary, especially through the eyes of a 3 year old. Logan was a fireman and a mighty happy one at that. In the suburban land of the homemade costumes, my kid’s was bought from the store, but hey he was ecstatic over it and so was I. He had … Read more ...