Living in Norway: The adventure of learning Norwegian

I’ve always liked learning new things and part of me was excited to go back to school. I’m in Norwegian language courses, or as they call it “norskkurs” (NORSHK’ koosh).

My first class was in a small suburb of Oslo and I was struck by how many people from different countries were there. We had students from Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey and two Americans. The other American was a sweet chic from Minnesota. (Hi L!)

My first day of Norwegian class.

My first day of Norwegian class.

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My life in Norway’s winter wonderland

This weekend my part of Norway was socked with snow, and it’s been like walking around in a snow globe.

We got nearly a foot of snow in about 24 hours and it was cool to see how the Norwegians took it all in stride. But hey, this is Norway, what’d I expect? When I lived in Portland, Oregon we got a dusting of snow and the city shut down.

I put a toy car on our porch so you guys can see how much it snowed.

I put a toy car on our porch so you guys can see how much

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Using #Netflix to learn Norwegian

One of the biggest challenges we have living here in Norway is learning the language and let me tell you, the struggle is real.

First, there’s 29 letters in their alphabet, the three extra are: æ, ø, and å. Also, there’s all kinds of different pronunciations, like kj makes a “shhh” sound and ki is like you’re whispering “he.” Crazy, right?

But we’re trying. We have CDs, DVDs, Norwegian classes and live with two native speakers. Another unexpected tool has been Netflix.

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Giving the Norwegians A Taste of A Happy Birthday

It’s been an entire year. One year of onesies. 52 weeks of bottles. 365 days of diapers. My little Ethan was turning the big 1.

Photo by Erica Lynn Hang

We were in Norway for his birthday and though I didn’t want a big shindig for it, I wanted to mark the occasion with our Norwegian family. For Logan’s first birthday party, we had a bunch of friends over, some with kids, some without. I remember Hubby and I disagreed on whether to serve alcohol. … Read more ...