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Tasty Tuesdays: A Dinner At Chicago’s Pars Cove Persian restaurant

Hubby and I have always been pretty lucky when it comes to our friends. We think they’re amazing people and they are all different on the outside: from born agains to atheists, seven-figure executives to welfare moms, and corn-bred white … Continue reading

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Surprise Date Night: Rihanna’s Concert in Chicago

We were driving to the city for our date night and I had no idea where we were going. Hubby knows how much I love surprises, so many date nights are like this. Though I knew this date was different … Continue reading

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My New Obsession (Don’t Worry, It’s A Healthy One) Part I

I’ve got a new obsession. It’s storytelling. It’s not the stories I cover as a journalist, this my friends is much different. It’s part of an old/new genre that’s growing in Chicago where people gather to hear true stories about … Continue reading

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Tasty Tuesdays: Our Drunken Pub Crawl and Medieval Porn

Everyone who knows me knows how much I love to throw parties. In the time of 2002 BC (before children) we used to have a big party each year, my favorite was the 80s-themed one.  With two little ones, those … Continue reading

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Paying A Stranger To Look After Your Babe

Babysitters. It sounds like a nice-enough word, but really it can and has thrust many a mom into a tailspin. It seems babysitters are now just a part of parenting. Since several families are raising kids in places where Grandma … Continue reading

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Hi, Have We Met? I’m Your Wife…

You work all day, come home, get dinner together, put your kid to bed, eat dinner yourself, often in front of the TV, all the while exchanging a few words here and there with your spouse. It’s not until you’ve … Continue reading

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