Wordless Wednesday: Looking back on the Oslo march on International Women’s Day

During January’s Women’s March, these two joined hundreds of others in front of Stortinget, the parliament building in Oslo.


When there’s protests in Norway, demonstrators often have lighted torches as part of a longstanding tradition. It’s said to symbolize raising awareness, shining light on the issue at hand.


In front of Stortinget.

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My Gift For International Women’s Day: 4 Proven Tips for Entrepreneurs

Today is International Women’s Day, a day where there are thousands of events throughout the world to uplift, inspire and honor the achievements of the greater sex.

Kidding (kinda) on the “greater” part, but I thought today would be a perfect time to tell you about an experience I had earlier this week with a bunch of Portland women.

womendayWe all know that the business world is dominated by men and their prevalence grows with each rung that’s climbed on that ladder of success. This … Read more ...