#SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen: Twitter reflects feminism’s problem with race

Did you guys catch the Twitterstorm that was #solidarityisforwhitewomen? If not, it’s still out there, read it.

I was checking out my Twitterstream on Tuesday and first noticed it from @AngryBlackLady, who often has quite a few good gems.

Naturally, I had to click on the hashtag, being the curious cat that I am. And whoa, did I stumble upon some really thought-provoking, painfully truthful tweets.


Here are some:

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Practical Advice on How to Talk with Your Kids About Newtown Massacre

Today was the first of the funerals. The beginning of seeing the heartbreakingly small caskets as families start laying to rest 20 innocent young children and six brave adults.

Image by dosbears.

We’re all still shocked that the unfathomable has happened in Newtown, Conn. As parents, many of us have been stumbling through talks with our kids about this massacre. On the afternoon of the shooting, my son’s school sent out a link with advice on how to handle this.

It was generally helpful, but … Read more ...

Social Media and the Future of Journalism

And to think I almost stayed home.

It was Social Media Week in Chicago, the local slice of a global conference on all things social media. I had done the mental gymnastics to figure out which sessions I could attend considering my two anklebiters and Hubby’s long work days.

There were sessions I really wanted to go to such as Journalism in the Age of Tweet, How to Engage Audiences and Have Fun Doing It, and The Power of Social Media for Read more ...

What I Learned At Bloggy Boot Camp: Twitter, Tribes and Tassels

I was 30 minutes late for dinner. THIRTY. This is one of those things that only started happening after my kids were born. What kind of person shows up at a restaurant 30 minutes late?

Well, me, apparently. It was the night before my blog conference and some of us were meeting for dinner at the hotel. My children must have sensed that I need to bail on their evening routine early so they were doing their best to delay my departure. Mission accomplished.

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News of Bin Laden’s Death Brings Another Defining Moment for Twitter

It looks like we’ve got another “Where Were You When…” moment. Where were you when you heard Osama Bin Laden had been killed. For millions of us, the answer is: Twitter.

The micro-blogging site had a defining moment yesterday. First there were a few Tweets that President Obama was set to make an announcement and some wondered what it was about and others complained it was going to interrupt their TV watching plans.

When it became clear how rare this announcement was to be, the … Read more ...