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A parent’s nightmare: Kyron Horman missing after school science fair

  It’s Science Fair season, where kids make volcanoes, tornadoes or baked-potato batteries and bring them to school. Students are excited to show off their hard work on their tri-folded poster boards. It’s this time of year that I keep … Continue reading

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With each black man’s death I ask: Are you my Emmett Till?

Do you remember that children’s book, Are You My Mother? It’s where a bird goes around asking a kitten, a cow, a dog and others if they are its mother. I feel like I’m that little bird when it comes … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: My stolen cell phone is in California

As many of you know from my previous post, the people who now have my stolen cell phone have been taking pictures and they are showing up on my cloud. I used Google’s device manager this morning and saw that … Continue reading

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Meet the Author: Jessica Vealitzek talks up her new book, how to write a novel as SAHM and getting published

Tuesday is the big day! It’s the big launch of my friend’s first novel, “The Rooms Are Filled.” It’s a touching story of a young boy who was forced to leave his family farm after his father suddenly dies and … Continue reading

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Braving the ice, wind and snow for the Portland Auto Show

Anyone who knows me well, knows I love cars. This weekend we decided to fight the elements of snow, wind and rain and hit up Portland’s Auto Show. We’d been planning to go to the auto show with another family … Continue reading

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Ruffling a Few Feathers About The Lack of School Funding

We all believe that children are our future. We all feel like education is important. And yet our schools are terribly underfunded. I’m not in the business of getting into a back-and-forth about school funding formulas, Common Core standards, tax … Continue reading

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Former Portland mayoral candidate talks about hitting woman in college

Portlanders at a storytelling event last night got quite the surprise when former mayoral candidate Jefferson Smith took the stage and told a story about the time in college when he hit a woman at a party. Smith, who lost … Continue reading

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The First Indian Miss America, racism and the bigot next door

When Nina Davuluri was crowned Miss America, there was a nasty backlash online. People didn’t like that she was the first woman of Indian descent to win the crown. They told her: It’s America, not India and called her a … Continue reading

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Honoring Sept. 11 Through Teaching Our Kids, Each Other

It’s Sept. 11, 2013. Twelve years. A lot happens in 12 years. A whole generation has come and for many 9/11 is a day of tributes on TV, a discussion in the classroom or simply black white words on the … Continue reading

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#SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen: Twitter reflects feminism’s problem with race

Did you guys catch the Twitterstorm that was #solidarityisforwhitewomen? If not, it’s still out there, read it. I was checking out my Twitterstream on Tuesday and first noticed it from @AngryBlackLady, who often has quite a few good gems. Naturally, … Continue reading

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