Wild Kratts and National Geographic on Netflix feeds my son’s hunger for all things animal

I’m writing this post as a member of the Netflix Stream Team and have been compensated for it, but as always all opinions are my own.

My son loves science. Anything dealing with plants, animals, rocks, the ocean whatever it is, he just eats it up. One of his favorite things on Netflix is the National Geographic documentaries. There’s the Amazing Planet ones, a dinosaur episode, but the most popular in our house is “Predators At War.”

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Part II: My Road To Audition And The Destination

Earlier I told you about my chance to audition for a new show called Local, USA on Chicago’s WTTW.
The program will be shot around the city and showcase regional public television feature and independent videos.
I had spent a few days practicing my script and found I delivered it well if the paper was in my hand and I could glance down every now and again. Unfortunately that script became like Dumbo’s feather. Since the producer said there would be a teleprompter 
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Race 2012: The documentary gave me a different view of my America

  • Racial debate in this country is a convenient excuse to not talk about class.
  • The Republican Party is currently white and the power-holders are white, but they need to reach out to the future voters, who increasingly are brown.
  • The Democratic Party only talks about race in terms or racial conservatism or racial moderation. It’s never about racial liberalism, because that means an assault on white priviledge


Powerful statements, right? Those and more were made during a recently aired documentary on PBS, called: Race … Read more ...

Race 2012: A Conversation About Race & Politics in America

Ya’ll know I’m not a political blogger. Of course I’ve got my opinion and all, and I even delve into race issues every so often. But I was given the opportunity to be one of the bloggers for an upcoming PBS documentary called Race 2012: A Conversation About Race & Politics in America .

And I thought, meh, why not?

The Politics

There’s plenty out in the blogosphere about Barack Obama not doing anything during his four years, and there’s also tons of chatter about … Read more ...