BlogHer announces Voices of The Year for 2013

I’ve got big news. No not pregnant. But it’s equally miraculous.

A couple months ago I submitted some of my blog posts for BlogHer’s Voices of The Year. For my friends who aren’t really into blogging, but thankfully read mine, BlogHer is the largest community of women bloggers. It’s got an audience of 92 million each month.

Anyway, each year a committee selects posts to be recognized as one of the Voices of The Year and a handful the honoreees read their post at the … Read more ...

Just Write: Bad sax in the suburbs

I am sitting here in front of Potbellys in the suburbs because it’s a nice day and I want to write outside. Admittedly, it’s not an inspiring atmosphere because I’m at a café table on a sidewalk next to a black top parking lot in the middle of a bland strip mall that could be anywhere USA, but hey the sky is blue, there’s a slight breeze and I’m writing.

Image by valeo.

Image by valeo.

So no complaints here.

There is one weird/amusing thing though. There’s this … Read more ...

The E-Chain Mail: A few things you might not have known about me

A hilarious and amazingly creative friend of mine, Laughing Abi, tagged me for writing what I consider to be the chain letter of blog posts. Anyway, here’s the questions and my answers, take a look you may find out something new or interesting. Or at least look at the pictures because it took a bit for me to find them all.

What were you doing 10 years ago?

I was celebrating my 21st birthday. Kidding. We had just purchased our townhome and I … Read more ...

Listen To Your Mother: My Audition

You know, I kinda thought I had it in the bag. It all started when I saw on Facebook that a bloggy pal of mine was helping to host a national series of live reading called Listen To Your Mother. It’s where you get up before a crowd and read something you’ve written about motherhood. You don’t have to be a mom to do it, you just have to have a mom.

Anyway, on a whim I signed up to audition. Right after I … Read more ...

She’sWrite is on The Mom Pledge, A Movement Against Cyberbullying

Today’s a great day at She’sWrite. Well, it’s always a great day here, but today is especially cool because I’m being featured on The Mom Pledge.

The Mom Pledge is a community of bloggers who have made a promise to treat each other with respect, basically trying to eradicate cyberbullying among moms. It can be a rough and tumble world out here on the World Wide Web, and since life is hard enough, why add to the drama?

If you’re finding me through The … Read more ...