Road triiiiiip! Our adventure from Portland to Chicago

I’m feeling like I’ve got a little transcontinental whiplash. It was only weeks ago that I moved to Norway, and now I’m back in the U.S.

I returned largely to help my husband wrap up our lives in Portland, then we decided to take a cross country roadtrip to our beloved Chicago to visit family and friends. Plus, we’re finally and sadly getting rid of our Audi TT. Some of you remember how much I love Hubby’s Other Black Beauty.

A view of the road traveled so far in eastern Oregon.

A view of the

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Our July Fourth celebration in Oslo

There is something unique about celebrating July Fourth outside of the U.S. For me, it felt more patriotic, more unifying, more “We the People” than I’ve felt in many many years.

Our family recently moved to Norway and are living in my husband’s childhood home just outside of Oslo. So far it’s going well, the learning curve of the language and culture is quite steep, but we’re taking it one step at a time.

Our Independence Day picnic at Vigelandsparken in Oslo.

Our Independence Day picnic at Vigelandsparken in Oslo.

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How my date night turned into CPR and an ambulance

It was supposed to be our evening, just me and my eldest son eating at a restaurant and talking freely about how we’re adjusting to this move to Norway. It ended with CPR and an ambulance.

Let me back up. While Farmor (which is Norwegian for father’s mother) watched my 4 year old, Logan and I went to a quaint restaurant across the street for some quiet time. We ordered our food and sat down on the patio.

Nervous smiles as we're still jittery from trying to help a man who collapsed in the parking lot.

Nervous smiles as we’re jittery from helping

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Wordless Wednesday: The Kings Road in Norway

The King's Road.

The King’s Road.

This road dates back to 1700 when Norway’s king would use it to travel the nearly 300 miles (480 km)  from Bergen to Oslo. It’s now part of a nature park that’s used for hiking, biking, horseback riding and cross-country skiing. Since it’s minutes from my new home, this hike was the first of what I’m sure will be many such excursions.

Moving To Norway: Why we did it

“Whuck!?!? You’re moving to Norway? What’s in Norway?” was generally the reaction I got when people heard our big news.

Yes, why would someone uproot their family of four and travel 4,690 miles away to a small Scandinavian country? The short answer is to find a better quality of life and be closer to family.

Everyone's all smiles in anticipation of the great journey ahead.

Everyone’s all smiles in anticipation of the great journey ahead. Except for the woman who had to fix our seat assignments.

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