Skål! A visit to the home of aquavit, Norway’s storied liqueur  

Some things are uniquely Norwegian: The world’s greatest cheese slicer, dominating the Winter Olympics and aquavit.

Aquavit, which means water of life, is a Norwegian liqueur served year-round, but is most popular at special occasions such as Christmas or May 17, Norway’s Constitution Day.

I’ve been drinking this schnapps at least once a year for the past 18 years. Even when we lived in the States, we always had a bottle on hand, always happy to give our friends a taste.

I was thrilled when … Read more ...

Living in Norway: Wait… It’s Thanksgiving??

Can you believe that I forgot it was Thanksgiving? How un-American of me, right? Well, living in Norway it was just a regular Thursday.

While walking my kid to school, a Norwegian mom wished me a Happy Thanksgiving. I was shocked and frankly I wanted to hug her, but I already have scarred enough Norwegians with my physical displays of affection. So I just said, “awww, tusen takk!” (Basically, awww, thanks.)

Anyway, I had a busy day planned preparing for something we here have called Read more ...

The joys of grocery shopping in Norway

I always think it’s neat to check out local grocery stores when I’m traveling, especially if it’s abroad. It’s intriguing to see what’s on the shelves, how it’s presented, how much items cost, and so forth.

As I mentioned before, the first month in Norway was like an extended vacation. However by the second month, I found myself missing previously must-have grocery items such as cheese sticks and Auntie Mae’s macaroni.

Nevertheless, it was a fun challenge to try to find other foods that … Read more ...