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A Christmas in England

Christmas is already a magical time of year, but that “something special” seems magnified when you’re spending the holidays in another country. In comparing our traditions, I find myself admiring theirs and appreciating ours even more. My husband is Norwegian … Continue reading

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Culture Contrast: Norway’s support of working families and then there’s… U.S.

I think us Americans could take a few pages from the Norwegian playbook, especially when it comes to families. When me and my boys spent three weeks in Norway, we got a good sense of what our life could be … Continue reading

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Giving the Norwegians A Taste of A Happy Birthday

It’s been an entire year. One year of onesies. 52 weeks of bottles. 365 days of diapers. My little Ethan was turning the big 1. We were in Norway for his birthday and though I didn’t want a big shindig … Continue reading

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Christmas in … April

It’s been way too serious around here at She’sWrite lately, and though I’m capable of a thoughtful point or two, no one would ever describe me as “serious.” To lighten the mood, I’m digging into my archives of items that … Continue reading

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Running Hills to the Sound of Music

The last time I went running in Norway it was winter and I was unknowingly six weeks pregnant.  It was a challenging jaunt through the wooded area behind Hubby’s childhood home, but it was exhilarating. This winter, I went jogging … Continue reading

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Visiting the Doctor’s Office Reveals Life with Universal Healthcare

Here I am waiting at the doctor’s office in Norway. I’m one of those people who gets sick on vacation a lot. In Bermuda, I plied myself with enough alcohol to keep the germs at bay. This time, I wasn’t … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: A View of The Woods, My Norwegian Escape

  Hubby’s family owns a quaint cabin in the forest and here’s a look from the dock.

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Moms Hit Target stores for National Nurse-In

Across the U.S. many mothers headed to Target to nurse their babes in a flash mommy mob to support breastfeeding in public. It all stemmed from a Texas mom who says Target store employees humiliated her for nursing her baby … Continue reading

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The Long Flight To Norway: Have Kids. Will Travel.

So we made it. All 10 hours and 3 minutes on a plane. Covering 4,691 miles. Or as they would say here, 7,549 kilometers. We are in Norway. For those who missed it, my husband’s Norwegian. This year we’re spending … Continue reading

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Lesbian Couple Saves Dozens in Norway Massacre

Hege Dalen and her wife Toril Hansen were having a quiet meal near the shores of Norway’s Lake Tyrifjorden. Then came the gunfire. And the “awful screaming.” Across the lake was Utoyan Island, where Anders Breivik was slaughtering young campers. … Continue reading

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