Motherhood, Am I Doing This Right?

I’m sitting here at the top floor of my first blogging event in Portland. I was excited to cover the BabyFest Northwest because it was one where they reached out to me, which made me feel like I was starting to gain more ground on the local social media scene.

But now that I’m here, all I can think about is the unhappy guy at home, my sweet Logan. He woke up to find the babysitter already in his house and with the news that … Read more ...

Meet the Author: Jessica Vealitzek talks up her new book, how to write a novel as SAHM and getting published

Tuesday is the big day! It’s the big launch of my friend’s first novel, “The Rooms Are Filled.”

My friend's beautifully written novel.

My friend’s beautifully written novel.

It’s a touching story of a young boy who was forced to leave his family farm after his father suddenly dies and his mom can’t afford to keep the land. They move to suburban Chicago and he struggles to adjust to a very different environment. That same struggle is taking place with his young, closeted teacher and they form a beautiful bond.… Read more ...

Practical and Fanciful Mother’s Day Gifts for Working Moms

Mom arrives to work impeccably dressed morning, knows everyone’s schedule, plus her own and rarely misses a deadline. She works all day, gets dinner set up and helps out with homework. Show how much you appreciate the daily contributions of the working mother by celebrating Mother’s Day with unforgettable gifts.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Give Her a Hand

On an average day, 86-percent of working women spend more than 2-hours a day cleaning. Make your mother’s life a little less cluttered by giving her the gift of a year-round … Read more ...

My Gift For International Women’s Day: 4 Proven Tips for Entrepreneurs

Today is International Women’s Day, a day where there are thousands of events throughout the world to uplift, inspire and honor the achievements of the greater sex.

Kidding (kinda) on the “greater” part, but I thought today would be a perfect time to tell you about an experience I had earlier this week with a bunch of Portland women.

womendayWe all know that the business world is dominated by men and their prevalence grows with each rung that’s climbed on that ladder of success. This … Read more ...

Being a Work-From-Home Mom Isn’t Easy: Are You up for It?

Mother using telephone in living room with baby frowningWorking from home sounds like a dream. There’s no commute, you don’t have to throw your kids into daycare and you can work with your own equipment. If you run your own work-from-home business, you control the schedule and just about every other aspect of the business. If you work with a company that allows work-from-home employees, you’ll probably have a somewhat-set schedule, but it’s a more flexible way to fit work into your day-to-day life. Working from home has plenty of advantages, but it … Read more ...