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Didja hear? I got a new job!

There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you. I’ve got a new job! Well, I’ve been there since August, so it’s more of a new-ish job. I’m the web editor for The Chicago Reporter. It’s an investigative magazine in Chicago … Continue reading

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Social Media and the Future of Journalism

And to think I almost stayed home. It was Social Media Week in Chicago, the local slice of a global conference on all things social media. I had done the mental gymnastics to figure out which sessions I could attend … Continue reading

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Didja Hear? I Just Quit My Job

I quit my job Monday. My dad called my move “bold.” Others said it was “inspiring.” For me, it was time. Twelve years ago I walked into The Associated Press, just weeks after college graduation. I remember being nervous and … Continue reading

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Finding a Balance in Juggling Demanding Careers

As a journalist, my job is demanding. The hours can be long and are often inflexible, but I love it. I was bit by the bug when I was 16 and haven’t turned back. Hubby’s job is no cake walk … Continue reading

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