Didja hear? I got a new job!

There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you. I’ve got a new job! Well, I’ve been there since August, so it’s more of a new-ish job.

I’m the web editor for The Chicago Reporter. It’s an investigative magazine in Chicago that focuses on race and poverty. The gig is a great fit for me because issues concerning brown folks and poor folks have always been nearest and dearest to my heart.

image by new_sox

The Reporter has a storied history. It’s been around for … Read more ...

Social Media and the Future of Journalism

And to think I almost stayed home.

It was Social Media Week in Chicago, the local slice of a global conference on all things social media. I had done the mental gymnastics to figure out which sessions I could attend considering my two anklebiters and Hubby’s long work days.

There were sessions I really wanted to go to such as Journalism in the Age of Tweet, How to Engage Audiences and Have Fun Doing It, and The Power of Social Media for Read more ...

Didja Hear? I Just Quit My Job

I quit my job Monday. My dad called my move “bold.” Others said it was “inspiring.” For me, it was time.

Shortly after resigning.

Twelve years ago I walked into The Associated Press, just weeks after college graduation. I remember being nervous and excited to begin my new life. There were a couple months in St. Louis, then Kansas City, where Hubby proposed and finally Chicago, where we’ve been for 10 years. (How the hell did *that* happen?)

The stories I’ve had the privilege of … Read more ...

Finding a Balance in Juggling Demanding Careers

As a journalist, my job is demanding. The hours can be long and are often inflexible, but I love it. I was bit by the bug when I was 16 and haven’t turned back. Hubby’s job is no cake walk either. He works at least 60 hours a week, the past few months it’s been closer to 70. What do you do when both parents have demanding jobs?

I find myself struggling with this a bit, looking for ideas and inspiration, but have found in … Read more ...