A little newsroom nostalgia thanks to my visit to Chicago’s WBEZ91.5

Last week I had my first real hard-to-reach itch to get back in a newsroom since I left The Associated Press. And it was all WBEZ’s fault.

I was in their studio on Chicago’s Navy Pier to record my story that won Story Club’s January open mic. A friend of mine introduced me to an amazing storyteller, filmmaker, producer and radio host, Luis Antonio Perez, who said he’d tape and lightly edit my story to be featured on Story Club’s web site as … Read more ...

My New Obsession (Don’t Worry, It’s A Healthy One) Part I

I’ve got a new obsession. It’s storytelling.

It’s not the stories I cover as a journalist, this my friends is much different. It’s part of an old/new genre that’s growing in Chicago where people gather to hear true stories about each other’s lives.

It’s a bit of a throwback to the days when we’d gather around the fire to roast the freshly caught deer, duck or squirrel. Or fast forward a few generations to after Thanksgiving dinner and the grown folks tell tales from the … Read more ...

My Co-hosting Debut: Did I blow it up or bomb?

So, how’d it go? That’s what a lot of people were asking me when they found out I was going to be live on the air. Well, in case you missed my debut on Vocalo’s The Barbershop Show, let me give you a peek at my time behind the mic.

I was strangely nervous before the show. I say strange in that public speaking doesn’t scare me, it excites me and I really enjoy it. But for some reason speaking out to some unseen … Read more ...

The people at Vocalo decided to let me co-host a show

I’m doing something kinda cool today and I was going to keep it under wraps, but then I thought, what if I don’t get asked to do it again? So I’m telling you guys.

I’m going to be co-hosting a live radio show! I know, who ever thought to get me in front of a microphone unscripted and completely live obviously doesn’t know me or my mouth very well. Nevertheless I’m doing it.

It’s on Chicago’s Vocalo 89.5 FM or you can stream me live … Read more ...