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With each black man’s death I ask: Are you my Emmett Till?

Do you remember that children’s book, Are You My Mother? It’s where a bird goes around asking a kitten, a cow, a dog and others if they are its mother. I feel like I’m that little bird when it comes … Continue reading

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Who says you can’t talk about race, religion and gender?

How do you guys feel about book clubs? I’ve never really belonged to one, well at least not beyond reading the first book. Since moving to Portland, I’ve been checking out different groups to meet people to build up my … Continue reading

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Talking About Race With My Biracial 5-Year-Old

It’s interesting being a parent of biracial children in that like with most things with motherhood, I’m fumbling around in the dark. Digging through my 5-year-old’s backpack, I ran across a worksheet on Martin Luther King, Jr.  Curious, I asked … Continue reading

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Race 2012: A Conversation About Race & Politics in America

Ya’ll know I’m not a political blogger. Of course I’ve got my opinion and all, and I even delve into race issues every so often. But I was given the opportunity to be one of the bloggers for an upcoming … Continue reading

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We Did It! Pretty Muddy Was Pretty Awesome

It’s days later and I am still finding dirt. It’s behind my ears, under my nails and in other crevasses you don’t want to hear about. Me and my girls finished the Pretty Muddy race. It was a fabulous 5K … Continue reading

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It’s Almost Time for the Mudslinging to Begin

Tomorrow morning I’m running a 5K. I haven’t been training. I honestly don’t even remember the last time I ran 3.1 miles. But I’m going. I’ve always taken my training seriously. For the marathon, I didn’t miss a single work … Continue reading

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Pretty Muddy: Getting Down And Dirty To Lose Weight

(Cue up the Beastie Boys.) Hey ladiiieeesss!!! It’s time to get dirty. (Mix in Christina Aguilera’s “Dirrty”) OK, enough of the music montage, you’ve heard me bellyache about my belly. I’ve been working out, (yay!) eating right (double yay) and … Continue reading

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Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me….OK, I Gained HOW Much Weight!?!?!

I’ve got a bad hangover. A cruise hangover. It’s not a headache situation, but more of a belly situation that’s hanging over my jeans. I gained a bunch of weight while on my five-day cruise. It’s impressive really when you … Continue reading

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Will Trayvon Martin’s Death Be A Watershed Moment Or A Blip On The Radar?

Now  that George Zimmerman has been charged in Trayvon Martin’s death, I am wondering what’s next. I’m not talking about the next steps in the judicial process, I want to know what’s next when it comes to America’s relationship with … Continue reading

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Real Talk: A White Girl and Black Girl Banter on Race

White people, did you ever want to ask someone black about being black, but were too worried about being labeled the “R” word? Black people, what about you? Have you ever wanted to tell a white person your unfiltered feelings … Continue reading

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