What I Learned At Bloggy Boot Camp: Twitter, Tribes and Tassels

I was 30 minutes late for dinner. THIRTY. This is one of those things that only started happening after my kids were born. What kind of person shows up at a restaurant 30 minutes late?

Well, me, apparently. It was the night before my blog conference and some of us were meeting for dinner at the hotel. My children must have sensed that I need to bail on their evening routine early so they were doing their best to delay my departure. Mission accomplished.

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The Mom Pledge: Another Missive Against Bullying

When I was a kid, parents, teachers and seemingly every politician on TV pushed the same message: Don’t Do Drugs. Just Say No. These days the in vogue slogans are ones against bullying.

Not to be flip about either issue. Drugs and bullying are serious problems and I’m glad we work to address them. I just wonder in 10 years from now, what society ill will we all ban together to quash?

But back to bullying, there’s been many high-profile deaths because of … Read more ...