One Mom Wonders: Does Nancy Lanza Deserve To Be Forgotten?

A friend of mine sent an email earlier this week about Nancy Lanza and it really resonated with me, so I wanted to share it with you. 

Does Nancy Lanza deserve to be forgotten? In talking about Newtown, the number for the toll I see most frequently is 26 _ the children and the teachers killed at Sandy Hook that day.

Obviously no one’s going to count Adam Lanza and his final, self-inflicted death. If anything, considering the amount of ammunition he had on him … Read more ...

Practical Advice on How to Talk with Your Kids About Newtown Massacre

Today was the first of the funerals. The beginning of seeing the heartbreakingly small caskets as families start laying to rest 20 innocent young children and six brave adults.

Image by dosbears.

We’re all still shocked that the unfathomable has happened in Newtown, Conn. As parents, many of us have been stumbling through talks with our kids about this massacre. On the afternoon of the shooting, my son’s school sent out a link with advice on how to handle this.

It was generally helpful, but … Read more ...