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Tasty Tuesdays: Portland’s Cadillac Cafe has good pancakes, a real Cadillac and breakfast martinis

I told my new chiropractor of my quest to find a writing space in Portland and he recommended the Cadillac Cafe. I was expecting a coffee shop vibe that’s similar to the other spots I’ve visited, but no, this is … Continue reading

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Tasty Tuesdays: Marina’s, a Portland cafe with a cause

Let me tell you guys about one my ventures to find a new spot in Portland. As I mentioned before, I’m going to bring you along on my coffee shop exploits as I try to find a good place to … Continue reading

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Tasty Tuesday: The local McMenamins restaurant is our new ‘Cheers’

                                                     “Sometimes you want to go                    … Continue reading

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Goodbye Chicago, we’re moving to Portland

There’s exciting times here at She’sWrite. First there was my Voices of the Year honor, now I want to tell you more big news: We’re moving to Portland. Yes, 2,109 miles westward-ho to “Rose City” where they vow to keep … Continue reading

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Tasty Tuesdays: A Dinner At Chicago’s Pars Cove Persian restaurant

Hubby and I have always been pretty lucky when it comes to our friends. We think they’re amazing people and they are all different on the outside: from born agains to atheists, seven-figure executives to welfare moms, and corn-bred white … Continue reading

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Introducing Tasty Tuesdays

The past several months I’ve been working on my blog with the last few puffs of energy I have at the end of the day. In the midst of diapers, kindergarten prep, a traveling Hubby, trying to lose weight and … Continue reading

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Christmas in … April

It’s been way too serious around here at She’sWrite lately, and though I’m capable of a thoughtful point or two, no one would ever describe me as “serious.” To lighten the mood, I’m digging into my archives of items that … Continue reading

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Tuscan Market and Wine Shop: Drink Wine and Be Merry

Tuscan Market and Wine Shop is a place where it’s not all about the wine. Really, it’s all about you. It’s nestled in the middle of a block not far from the commuter rail line and it sits along a … Continue reading

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A Girls Getaway: Finding Sanity And Fun On Our Vacation in Bermuda

Pink sands. Turquoise water. Baby blue skies. It’s Bermuda, and man is it perfect. About a year ago, eight girlfriends began planning this vacation. An escape to paradise with college roommates, sorority sisters and 7th grade pals. We chose Bermuda … Continue reading

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The Blubber Battle: My Second Missive Against the Bulge is a Bombshell

Well, I’ve been trying to lose 30 pounds for the past four months. I told myself that after I dropped my first 10, I’d blog about it. If you follow this blog much, you’ll note that I haven’t really written … Continue reading

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