I told my new chiropractor of my quest to find a writing space in Portland and he recommended the Cadillac Cafe.

The pink Cadillac inside the Cadillac Cafe.

The pink Cadillac inside the Cadillac Cafe.

I was expecting a coffee shop vibe that’s similar to the other spots I’ve visited, but no, this is a laid back, serves-breakfast-all-day diner. There’s a real pink Cadillac in the main dining area and something I’ll call “The Garden Room.” Where the walls are glass, there’s a fireplace and the tables and chairs are either wrought iron, wicker or both.

Being how I just had a beast of a workout and then got my back cracked, in my mind that warranted some pancakes. I have a very unhealthy obsession with pancakes. I’m on a quest to find the world’s greatest pancakes, but that’s another blog for another time.

Cadillac Cafe has a full menu, and even fun cocktails in the morning. This goes way beyond the traditional Bloody Mary or Mimosa. The menu flat out says “Breakfast Martinis.” There’s the Oil Change, which has Frangelico, Baileys, Kahlua and a splash of espresso with a chocolate rim and the Back Seat, which has Mandarin vodka, triple sec, fresh muddled oranges and a splash of orange juice with a sugar rim. There’s more on the drink menu, but you get the idea.

Cadillac Cafe has been on North East Broadway for more than 20 years. It seems to be a popular staple of the Irvington neighborhood. Walking in on a late morning it’s moderately packed with older and old ladies. Not quite blue hairs, nor the “ladies who lunch,” but largely women who are in their early 50s on up to 80ish. Come lunch time, the clientele shifted to men in suits and early 40-something guys with beards and hoodies. (I’m in Portland, remember?)

Mmmmm, pancakes....

Mmmmm, pancakes….

I couldn’t write here as the food is so yummy. (Yep, the pancakes were really good. Not a contender for the World’s Greatest Pancake, but still oh-so-very enjoyable.) I’d gain way too much weight and then there’s the food coma that is now starting to settle in.

Maybe I’ll come back some time to see if the garden room has a different vibe, but really, right now, I just want to curl up and take a nap. Thank God I didn’t order one of those martinis, I might have done just that.




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