Portland Coffee Shops: Finding A New Place To Call Home

I’m looking for a new writing home. That perfect little nook that inspires creativity and has the comforts of home, but the seats are firm enough to keep me awake when I get too sleepy. It can’t be pretentious, nor too grungy. It needn’t be quiet like a library, but have a nice, non-distracting hum.

I had that place in Chicago, it was the now-shuttered Cafe de Luca in Wicker Park. Since we’ve picked up and moved to Portland, it’s time for me to find … Read more ...

Truthful tales behind the eyeroll-inducing parenting cliches

Being a parent you live out all the tiresome cliches in truth:

  • The days are long, but the years are short.
  • They’re only this age once.
  • You wear your heart on your sleeve.

Usually cliches do nothing but make my eyes roll in the back of my head a la Linda Blair, but the one about the heart on your sleeve recently hit me in spades.

As most of you know, we left Chicago for Portland this summer. And since we didn’t know many folks … Read more ...

The farewell party: Nothing like a little booze to help when it’s hard to say goodbye

Parties. Everybody likes a party, right? Well, maybe not a Miley Cyrus party featuring her tongue, twerking and teddy bears, but generally, we all like to sit back and have a good time with friends.

Our family is no exception. When it was BC (before children) we would have a big party every year in October. Instead of OctoberFest, we called it Fest in October. And we invited everyone in our little world. Co-workers, new friends, old friends, and we even invited our geriatric neighbors … Read more ...

Goodbye Chicago, we’re moving to Portland

There’s exciting times here at She’sWrite. First there was my Voices of the Year honor, now I want to tell you more big news: We’re moving to Portland.

Portland Oregon - White Stag sign.  Photo by Steve Morgan.Yes, 2,109 miles westward-ho to “Rose City” where they vow to keep life weird. Although Portland was never in our plans, in fact we wanted to move much farther east, Hubby was presented with a job opportunity that was too good to pass up.

So the past few weeks have been filled with researching Portland, its schools … Read more ...