BBC #100Women: Talking about self image, careers and gender roles in Oslo

Does a woman’s successful career affect her relationship? What are some self-image issues for women who are over 35? How do we raise our boys to be men who respect women’s boundaries?

Interesting questions, right? Well, I joined a group of American women in Oslo to discuss these and much more as part of the BBC’s 100 Women Season, which is an annual series focused on sharing more women’s stories.

Our group of Americans in Oslo for the BBC's #100Women series.

Our group of Americans in Oslo for the BBC’s #100Women series.

About 100 groups … Read more ...

This NPR Nerd Gets Her Chance At Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me

I love NPR. Even before the coffee is brewing in our house, National Public Radio has been turned on.

I get to drink in nearly two hours of NPR before my 5 year old wakes and that’s when I have to turn it off because that’s generally the time for Morning Edition, and I don’t feel like answering questions about genocide, Julian Assange or affirmative action. We can talk about those topics, just not at 8:30 a.m. while we’re trying to get to summer school … Read more ...