The farewell party: Nothing like a little booze to help when it’s hard to say goodbye

Parties. Everybody likes a party, right? Well, maybe not a Miley Cyrus party featuring her tongue, twerking and teddy bears, but generally, we all like to sit back and have a good time with friends.

Our family is no exception. When it was BC (before children) we would have a big party every year in October. Instead of OctoberFest, we called it Fest in October. And we invited everyone in our little world. Co-workers, new friends, old friends, and we even invited our geriatric neighbors … Read more ...

Giving the Norwegians A Taste of A Happy Birthday

It’s been an entire year. One year of onesies. 52 weeks of bottles. 365 days of diapers. My little Ethan was turning the big 1.

Photo by Erica Lynn Hang

We were in Norway for his birthday and though I didn’t want a big shindig for it, I wanted to mark the occasion with our Norwegian family. For Logan’s first birthday party, we had a bunch of friends over, some with kids, some without. I remember Hubby and I disagreed on whether to serve alcohol. … Read more ...

Surviving the Birthday Party With Cake and a Smile

I confess. I didn’t do what I said I was going to. Remember how I planned to not stress and just have a few friends over and order pizza for Logan’s birthday? Ha, well, not so much.

About an hour after I posted that I remembered, my little guy doesn’t like pizza. (What kid doesn’t like pizza?) Then it looked like the few people we invited might not make it, save for one child that Logan doesn’t really know. That’s when I decided to … Read more ...