Nuggets of Truth in Samantha Brick’s ‘Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful’ Piece

Many have gotten their knickers in a bunch over journalist Samantha Brick’s piece about the downsides of being a pretty girl.  Namely, she says other women are mean to her because they’re jealous.

Naturally, this has sparked a firestorm of criticism, mostly aimed at if she’s hot or not. Some of the comments are down right ugly. But she touches on something that I’ve seen happen.

Sure there’s plenty of upsides to being pretty. It can make it easier to get past the velvet ropes … Read more ...

Listen To Your Mother: My Audition

You know, I kinda thought I had it in the bag. It all started when I saw on Facebook that a bloggy pal of mine was helping to host a national series of live reading called Listen To Your Mother. It’s where you get up before a crowd and read something you’ve written about motherhood. You don’t have to be a mom to do it, you just have to have a mom.

Anyway, on a whim I signed up to audition. Right after I … Read more ...