A hilarious and amazingly creative friend of mine, Laughing Abi, tagged me for writing what I consider to be the chain letter of blog posts. Anyway, here’s the questions and my answers, take a look you may find out something new or interesting. Or at least look at the pictures because it took a bit for me to find them all.

What were you doing 10 years ago?

I was celebrating my 21st birthday. Kidding. We had just purchased our townhome and I was working at The Associated Press. I’d recently moved into the new position of supervisor. Hubby and I had been married for a little over a year, we didn’t have any kids, I was uberfit and fancy free.

What five things are on your To Do list?

Stick to my blog’s editorial calendar

Pitch three awesome stories to a particular magazine

Buckle down on this potty training thing

Talk with my nephew

Shore up the location on a writing conference I’m helping to organize

What are five snacks you enjoy?

“Kinda Quesadillas.” I’m going through this phase where I take 8” whole grain tortillas, put 1.5 slices of the ultra thin Swiss cheese in between the tortillas, along with a dash of garlic and herbs. Put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds and Oh. My. Goodness.  Low-cal heaven has arrived.

Anything you can do with vanilla-flavored Almond Milk. A glass of it, in cereal, a smoothie.

Kashi Vanilla Island cereal. I bought this cereal for me, but everyone in my family has tried it and they’re equally addicted, so I gotta stake my claim in it before the entire box disappears. (Note to Kashi: Please make a supersized box!)

Red grapes. I’m always blazing through these.

Red wine (What? Stop judging. For me, it’s a snack.)

Name some of the things you would do if you were a millionaire.

If I was a big-time millionaire, like as in multi-multi-millionaire the first thing I’d do is something really stupid. I’d buy my favorite car. A black Lamborghini.

Post extravagant, selfishness, I’d pay off all our debts and the debts of some of my immediate family members. (I need to clarify that in case I do win, and great-great-cousins twice removed start knocking on my door.)

I’d donate a ridiculous amount to organizations that I believe in. Ones that help impoverished women and children here and abroad. I’d buy goats for families, water wells for villages. You don’t need to be a millionaire to do this, but it’d be cool to do it en masse.

After buying a nice (not ridiculous) home, reasonable upgrades to our everyday stuff that needed it, the rest I’d invest and make the money work for me.


Name places you’ve lived

Manhattan, Kan.

Wichita, Kan.

Houston, Texas

Columbia, Mo.

Wheeling, Ill.

Name some bad habits you have

When I’m excited to talk with a friend, I am like that big dumb dog and I clumsily interrupt people. I hate it when I do it, but I sometimes can’t help myself, especially when we’re having a good convo.

I find things to worry about. Even when something I’ve been worried about forever ends up resolving itself, I breathe a sigh of relief for two seconds and then ping! Another worry crops up. It’s like Whack-A-Mole.

By most people’s standards I consume too much alcohol. (see answer to question 3)

When someone pisses me off, I shut them out. I’m not rude, I’m just not warm and am very nonresponsive. (I probably shouldn’t have said that because all of my friends who I owe a phone call are going to wonder if I’m talking about them.)

Name some of the jobs you’ve had

I knew I wanted to be a journalist since I was 16, so this list isn’t too varied.

Candystriper (I was 14)

Paper shuffler for my dad’s business

Daycare assistant teacher (one of my most fun gigs)


Who are you tagging?

The hilarious, brash and beautifully honest High Heels and Training Wheels. I’ve known this girl for years and am so grateful to have her in my life.

The other is the ubersmart and lovely Jess at True STORIES. She is a touch stone to my heart.




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    • I hear you on the rewind button!! Sorry that you do the interrupting thing, but I’m admittedly glad because it means I’m not the only one who does it, knows she does and still yet, doesn’t stop. Maddening. Thanks for stopping by!

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