Party Like A Journalist: I Did.

There’s something interesting about friends, some are great, others not so great.

I love it when you haven’t seen someone in weeks, months or even years and then when you connect again it’s like no time has passed.

I recently had this experience en masse. A very good friend of mine left the AP after 22 years, eight months and three days of service (not that she was counting.) And naturally as any good journalist worthy of her stylebook would do, we went out drinking.… Read more ...

Didja Hear? I Just Quit My Job

I quit my job Monday. My dad called my move “bold.” Others said it was “inspiring.” For me, it was time.

Shortly after resigning.

Twelve years ago I walked into The Associated Press, just weeks after college graduation. I remember being nervous and excited to begin my new life. There were a couple months in St. Louis, then Kansas City, where Hubby proposed and finally Chicago, where we’ve been for 10 years. (How the hell did *that* happen?)

The stories I’ve had the privilege of … Read more ...