It’s the day that I spend time looking back on the year that’s passed and today I’m visiting old blog posts to guide me down memory lane. Here are my top 10 posts of the year. Thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to read about mine, I wish you a wonderful 2012.

10) We came, we saw, we shuffled. This was about Hubby and I’s Shamrock Shuffle Race. I still smile when I think how he carried me across the finish line.

9) Reveling in My Land of Nod. This post cracks me up because I remember when I was just euphoric over my new-found happiness while on maternity leave.

8 ) Praying I Don’t Have to Kill My. I was so nervous for my first national radio broadcast. This post talks about how it all went down.

7) She’sWrite is on Huffington Post. I’m a blogger for Huffington Post and my first post created a bit of stir, getting 400 comments, some intellectual, others ignorant all of them interesting.

6) Tower Up: Our Climb Up Sears Tower  Climbing 2,109 stairs is no small feat, but I’m glad I did it.

5) Didja Hear? I Just Quit My Job. The tale of how I ended my 12 year relationship with The Associated Press..

4) Rockin’ At Chicago’s Half Marathon. Running with my Hubby at his first half marathon. There’s something unexpectedly unifying about racing with your significant other.

3) Being Brown in the Suburbs, No Burnt Crosses, but a few cross looks.  I love this story, I will remember this encounter at the grocery store forever.

2) Semper Fi, A Marine’s Run  I still get teary when I think of watching Retired Marine Cpl. Yuriy Zmysly. The human spirit is awe-inspiring.

1) Introducing Ethan Matthew. The best part of 2011 was clearly welcoming my second child into the world. Even my childless friends have said this one is a good read. 🙂







Top 10 Blog Posts of 2011 — 9 Comments

  1. I love you and your writing. She’sWrite is inspiring and truthful, as well as many times funny. Wishing you a prosperous, productive and happy new year on all your many fronts.

    • Thanks lady! Glad you enjoy the blog, you know you’ve got an amazing writing voice so I’d still really love to have you post here. The door’s always open. 🙂 Wishing you the best in 2012 too.

    • Thanks Jess, I am hopeful that it’ll be a great year. With all of the changes coming up, I think it’s only reasonable to be optimistic. I mean, what could go wrong? (Famous last words, right?) You’ve got big things going too, so I’m excited to see where your writing and other adventures lead you this year.

  2. Really enjoyed checking out for the 1st time: 5) Didja Hear? I Just Quit My Job. I remember leaving my job at a large advertising agency just over nine years ago… That job, the people, everything about it taught me so much about myself and the creative industry… I am forever greatful for that job. But also SO happy that I made the leap. I hope you are too?

    Happy New Year!

    • Hi Kate! Yes, you’re right it was and remains a big adjustment, but I am loads happier than I have been in awhile, so it was time. My job at the AP taught me a lot about everything and I’ll forever cherish that time, yet I’m also stoked about what lies ahead. 🙂

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