There’s big things brewing in the She’sWrite world. Today I had my first post released on The Huffington Post.

I’m quite excited and nervous about it. It’s about my conflicted emotions of perpetually being a brown girl in a mostly white neighborhood. Or like I put it in the piece: “My on-again-off-again relationship with white people.”

A friend of mine said it was brave to write so honestly, but I didn’t even think about that, I just kind of… wrote. I still don’t think of it as brave because I wasn’t inflammatory, I simply spoke my truth. I’m sure people will pick it apart, but it is what it is.

For some of you it’s your first time visiting my blog, so WELCOME! I’m very happy to have you. If you’ve been here before, WELCOME BACK! I’m equally excited to see you too.

On She’sWrite I’m always speaking my truth. I blog about my life as a writer, married mom-of-two who is constantly looking for different ways to get fit.

Some of my favorite posts are about racial barriers at my grocery store, an amazing finish to a 5K and some of my family’s silly adventures.

So stick around, bookmark me, follow me, talk to me and enjoy.






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    • LOL. Yeah I just wrote from the heart and was like it is what it is. I’m a love me or leave me kind of girl. The responses on HuffPo have been so interesting. I’m just glad the “conversation” is taking place.

    • Thanks so much for your support ladykins! I think the biggest part is people realizing that they don’t truly get it, that realization shows understanding. Soooo glad we’re buds.

  1. You know what’s funny? I was reading that post and thought “Hmm. Wonder if I know her? I live in the Chicago burbs…” And then I saw your pic and then your blog name and I said “I DO. I drank itty bitty glasses of wine at Kenmore with her!”

    Congrats on the Huff. Post. Good piece. Racism/Prejudice is such a complex topic that it can’t ever really be completely covered in one post, but I think that you covered your own experiences very well.

    • Ha! Those were itty bitty glasses of wine. Very itty bitty. Glad you liked the piece and yes race is such a complex topic it’s hard even to explain my own situation. There’s still parts that I wish I’d been clearer on, but I really wanted to write with just myself in mind, not thinking/worrying about misinterpretations. Thanks for the congrats and I selfishly LOVE that you found it organically.

  2. Came over from Twitter and loved your post. I often watch my kids on the playground and how they just play and make friends with everyone and don’t think anything of it- would be nice if it was just like that… and why can’t it be. Your post got me thinking

    • Good! I’m glad it got you thinking. Thinking and talking and being honest about our feelings is what will help get us “there,” the place where our children are playing on the playground and not thinking about such weighty topics. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by.

  3. So proud of you, and proud of the HuffPost for signing such a talented writer. When I saw you were looking for a head shot, I knew something was coming, and, boy, was it! Your writing is always insightful and gladly makes me think about how I relate to friends, family and strangers. It’s always a pleasure to read your writing, and I’m happy more people will get the opportunity now.

    • Thanks Breezer! Not sure I really feel talented or insightful because I’m just me, but thanks anyway! Also, you know who’s a really really good writer, don’tcha? You. Write woman, just write. Your prose needs to be shared with the masses too.

  4. Great article, Mel, congratulations!

    I think where some of the ignorance lies is in our perception of what racism is. There aren’t separate bathrooms or drinking fountains or crosses burning and we have Obama as president and have grown up with the Cosby show and Oprah on tv. A lot of what’s left is discomfort with what’s different (and sometimes what’s unfamiliar) and some people don’t view that as racism while others do.

    Certainly that doesn’t mean that racism doesn’t exist, but it’s changed from what it was…at least we think it has. Unless we hear people shouting racial slurs with our own ears it’s likely very true that racism is so subtle these days that the majority of white America doesn’t see it. This is especially true for those living mostly white lives…if you rarely see other races you’ll likely rarely see racism (unless the other whites around you are really racist and open about it).

    Unfortunately there’s no shortage of ignorant or “uncomfortable” white people out there. They’ll continue to ask questions and hopefully they’ll have an understanding and educated woman like yourself to answer them.

    • Thank you for the thoughtful response. I agree, racism has changed, grown more subtle over the years. I think fixing it requires growth and patience on both “sides.”

  5. This is a really intriguing post. I am a white girl, so I look like “them.” But I’m Jewish, which you can tell if you know what to look or listen for, but is pretty invisible. And I’m bi, which there is no way you’d know just by looking unless your gay-dar is turned up HIGH.

    I know the frustration and responsibility and gift of having to “represent.” To be the unwitting spokesperson for my group, to explain the weird, the confusing, the unpleasant to those who are other, especially when the “other” considers themselves the majority. I think it’s got to be even more annoying to “represent” to everyone who even sees you, whether they choose to speak to you or not.

    Do you ever think, though, that is better you doing a good job representing, than someone who would represent you in a way you don’t want? Because I think about that.

    And do you ever think that you are teaching your kids great lessons about honor and responsibility? Because you are.

    Thank you for writing this piece, and congratulations on the Huffington Post. That is fantastic.

    • Thanks lady! 🙂 It was fun. I’ve got tons more ideas that I need to write up and send their way, it’s just a matter of finding the time. But isn’t that how it is with everything?

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