I got the email on a Monday. It was an invitation to be a guest on a nationally syndicated morning radio show to talk about my piece on The Huffington Post. Ack!

Image by Salvatore Vuono

I can do a live Q&A on train derailments, workplace shootings, multi-vehicle pile-ups and other breaking death and destruction. But talk live about my frustrations with white folks?

Gulp. Aiight.

I grilled the producer on the KD Bowe Morning Show’s format. Is the whole thing live? Will I have to take calls from listeners? What kind of questions will be asked? Thankfully, the producer was patient and assured me that the host would take good care of me.

As a reporter, I did my due diligence and looked into this morning show. It was on a gospel network. (Note to self: Thou shall not cuss nor take the Lord’s name in vain.) It’s aired in 23 cities. (Egad, I really better not mess this up.) And I found the link for my parents to listen to it live.

Hubby told me not to be nervous, that I’d be fine and the key was that they wanted me, so just be myself.

It was the morning of my radio debut. The babysitter arrived early. (She had to come over because nothing says professional woman like a screaming kid in the background.) Also I threatened to tar, feather, draw and quarter Logan if he tried to talk to me while I was on the phone. The sitter fed the kids breakfast and kept them entertained while I holed up in my bedroom.

I called the number, they told me to hold on and I thought I’d get to talk with a producer, the host, or someone before going on the air, but then I heard KD Bowe introducing me. Oh, so we’re doing this like, now?

I cleared my throat, took another swig of water and we began my segment. During the piece, I got encouraging tweets from my Twitter Sister @coffeeluvinmum (follow her, she’s awesome.) and my mom sent me a positive text.

Listen here and tell me how you think it went.

I was ecstatic when I finished because I thought it was a lot of fun and I was thankful I didn’t have to tar, feather, draw and quarter my 4 year old.


*Image by Salvatore Vuono.



Praying I Don’t Have To Kill My Kid During My Radio Debut — 16 Comments

  1. Melanie –

    You represented yourself and your perspective well. It’s always a challenge to try to fully express thoughts and ideas within the framework of radio interview. You did a great job of expressing yourself with the constraints of that two or three sentence response flow.

    Two obervations:

    1. KD Bowe’s radio voice is incredible. Nearly blew out my speakers!

    2. I guess that I’m going to have to ask Paula if she ever described me as having a “lot of swagger”!

    Keep doing what you’re doing.


    • Hi Dale! I know, KD Bowe’s voice is quite booming, isn’t it? When I first heard him I though oh yeah, he’s a definite radio guy. You’re right it’s not easy talking about complex subjects in a two or three sentence format, I remember wondering at the time if I was rambling too much. Also, of *course* you’ve got swagger, your wife is too fly to be with anyone who doesn’t. 😉

    • I know this is belated, but lemme see if I can ship you the clip or something. No obligation to listen to it, (heck will I even remember to do this?) but I’ll make an effort… 🙂 Much love to you Jen.

  2. What a cool thing to get to do. And good for you for not damaging your child in any way in the process.

    I think you did a great job. You gave me lots of things to think about.

    Thanks for visiting on my SITS day. It was a very fun day for me. (I tried to reply to your comment, but your email address isn’t linked to your profile.)

    • Hmmmm. Strange that my email isn’t linked to the profile, I gotta check that out. Glad you thought I did a good job and that it gave you something to think about. Congrats again on the SITS day! 🙂

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