Green Day: An Rx for exhaustion over American politics

Living in Norway and watching the political unrest at home in America gets disheartening.

The 24 million or so people who could soon lose their health care, the horrible environmental ramifications to come under the defunding of the EPA, the assault on The Fourth Estate, the strengthening of hate groups, the list goes on and on.

At Oslo Spektrum.

A lot of us have had to take a timeout from these conflicts. This allows us to take a moment to recharge and then plug back … Read more ...

‘They Will Have To Kill Us First’ doc shows Malian music can’t be stopped

Music was as essential as air for those living in the west African country of Mali. Then the Islamist militants flooded in and banned music, choking off an integral part of Mali’s culture.

Instruments were burned, radio stations were ripped apart and musicians were tortured. The feature-length documentary, “They Will Have to Kill Us First: Malian Music in Exile” shows what life was like when jihadists tried to stop the music. It opens this weekend in New York at the Village East Cinema … Read more ...

‘Take on Me’ and more

The whole reason my hubby and I came to New York was so that he could go to their farewell concert. Yes, you read that right. A-ha. Yes they’re still around. No, they’ve never stopped making music. They’re actually quite a big deal in Europe and have been for decades. They’re not big here largely because of differences between them and a record company. Anyway, the real a-ha has matured past the ’Take On Me’ of the ’80s (not that there’s anything wrong with Read more ...