Who says you can’t talk about race, religion and gender?

How do you guys feel about book clubs? I’ve never really belonged to one, well at least not beyond reading the first book. Since moving to Portland, I’ve been checking out different groups to meet people to build up my tribe.

It’s important for me to have a tribe, a group of good friends who are there for you, are honest with you, even if it’ll make you mad, and really just love you unconditionally. My friend Patti mentioned she was going to ask her … Read more ...

The Jackie Robinson movie and a case of deja vu when it comes to change in America

Sitting there with fingers buttery from the popcorn, I watched the new Jackie Robinson movie, “42,” and it struck me how many parallels his rise to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers mirrored Barack Obama’s rise to the White House.

We all know their stories: A black man works hard, fights the racism monster and breaks the color barrier to arrive at the major leagues.

That was not the part of “42” that resonated with me. It was the whispers in the subplots showing us the … Read more ...

Lesbian Couple Saves Dozens in Norway Massacre

Hege Dalen and her wife Toril Hansen were having a quiet meal near the shores of Norway’s Lake Tyrifjorden. Then came the gunfire. And the “awful screaming.”

Across the lake was Utoyan Island, where Anders Breivik was slaughtering young campers. Authorities said Breivik gunned down more than 100 people attending the Labour party camp.

“We were eating,” Dalen told the Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sannomat. “Then shooting and then the awful screaming. We saw how the young people ran in panic into the lake.”

The … Read more ...