Netflix Makes Parenthood’s Final Season Not So Sad

You know how most of the people on TV are pretty, skinny and reflect the so-called vision of perfection? And how we’re not supposed to want to emulate that?

Let’s be real. Not admiring them is easy to say, hard to do. But there’s one TV show that I don’t mind trying to emulate: Parenthood. Hubby and I love that show. If you haven’t seen it/don’t know about it, it’s on NBC and focuses on the Bravermans.

Parenthood is a "dramedy" on NBC that first aired in March 2010.

Parenthood is a “dramedy” on NBC that

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The YouTube video of my #VOTY13 reading at BlogHer

Have you ever heard a recording of yourself talking and then cringed? Wondering, do I really *sound* like that?

I think watching yourself on TV is kinda like that. You all know how I was chosen as one of BlogHer’s Voices of the Year honorees, well I’m now sharing with you the video of me reading my piece at the conference in Chicago.

I’ve only watched it once, and it was with Hubby and my lovely mother-in-law. While watching it I kept thinking, do … Read more ...

Reading my piece at BlogHer13’s VOTY keynote

Oh what a night. It’s long been most people’s favorite part of the BlogHer conference: Voices of the Year.

As I’ve mentioned before, I was one of the VOTY winners who was chosen to read during the evening’s keynote. To add icing on the cake, Queen Latifah was the host of the event.

All of the us VOTY readers were sitting backstage waiting for the show to begin. Our nerves were running wild, the funny girls got funnier, the quiet girls seemed to grow … Read more ...