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Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me….OK, I Gained HOW Much Weight!?!?!

I’ve got a bad hangover. A cruise hangover. It’s not a headache situation, but more of a belly situation that’s hanging over my jeans. I gained a bunch of weight while on my five-day cruise. It’s impressive really when you … Continue reading

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A Meat Eater’s Take on the Controversial “Vegan is Love” Book

Let me just start off by saying it. I eat meat and enjoy it. Beef, bison, chicken, fish, even reindeer*. All of it is yummy. I know that there’s unhealthiness in that carnivorous practice, especially with the swine and sadly, … Continue reading

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The Blubber Battle: My Second Missive Against the Bulge is a Bombshell

Well, I’ve been trying to lose 30 pounds for the past four months. I told myself that after I dropped my first 10, I’d blog about it. If you follow this blog much, you’ll note that I haven’t really written … Continue reading

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The Blubber Battle: My First Missive Against The Bulge

Oh how I’ve dreaded writing this post. But I know I need to because it’ll help me accomplish my goal since talking about it will make me accountable. After all, my word is my bond. It’s time I talk about … Continue reading

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