Game of Thrones: Unexpectedly Stark and Addictive

It all started when I was folding laundry in Norway. Mind you, I *hate* folding laundry, hate it. I have to watch TV while doing it or I’ll die from boredom. So flipping through channels, I stumbled across Lord of The Rings. Or so I thought.

Boromir was there and I kept waiting for Frodo, Sam and the rest of the gang to show up, but they never did. Instead there were these other characters, these twisted characters. One blond jerk told his sister … Read more ...

Tasty Tuesdays: Our Drunken Pub Crawl and Medieval Porn

Everyone who knows me knows how much I love to throw parties. In the time of 2002 BC (before children) we used to have a big party each year, my favorite was the 80s-themed one.  With two little ones, those days have been put on hold.

Sort of.

His and hers.

Hubby and I were talking one night and decided we wanted to host a pub crawl. It’s popular in this area for 20-somethings to have pub crawls using the Metra commuter trains since there … Read more ...