There’s something calming about the sea. Maybe it’s the rhythm of the waves, I’m not sure. But I do find it very therapeutic. It’s strange in that the cruise ship has all of these bells and whistles.

There’s a casino, karaoke, an arcade, winebar, sportsbar, comedy shows, movies, swimming, hot tubbing (is that a real verb?) a library, shopping and yet all I really want to do is hang out on our balcony and write.

As I sit here, I can see navy blue water that stretches out to the horizon. The skies are a hazy blue, the sun is getting ready to set, so it’s turning that hazy blue into a shade of lavender. It’s times like these that I wish I lived on a coast because there’s something about the ocean that connects with me. Sorry to be so esoteric, usually I’d roll my eyes at posts like this. I suppose even I can become a little mushy when on vacation.



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