Scott’s Miracle-Gro gives me a little more than a green thumb

There’s a green little monster that’s come into our family. It all started with Miracle-Gro’s Premium Plants, which has sponsored this post.

Miracle-Gro reached out to me a couple months ago about hosting a giveaway and as part, I went and picked up their new product called Premium Plants. The kids were ecstatic to pick out the flowers, particularly my oldest, Logan. As I’ve said before, he loves to plant things.

Then we planted them and boy did they flourish! I have to … Read more ...

Scotts Miracle-Gro Premium Plants make me seem like a good, constant gardener

Not too long ago, we planted some flowers in our little patch of a garden and they’ve since been growing like, well, weeds. I would like to brag and say that it was my green thumb, but alas no.

Though this post is sponsored by Scotts Miracle-Gro, I have to be honest when I say I think it’s their Premium Plants. I first got the plants plants as part of a giveaway I held and my 5-year-old was so stoked because he has a … Read more ...

Scotts Miracle-Gro to fix my ‘green thumb’ and my biggest giveaway ever

Remember my earlier post about my lack of a green thumb? Well, you can imagine how happy I was when Scotts Miracle-Gro contacted me about writing a sponsored post. They gave me a couple gift cards and I hit up the local Home Depot to buy some new Miracle-Gro Premium Plants.

These plants boast of vibrant blooms that are fast-growing and last all season. Sounds good, right? It seemed like the perfect match for my not-so-green thumb. They’re a new product and only available … Read more ...