Not too long ago, we planted some flowers in our little patch of a garden and they’ve since been growing like, well, weeds. I would like to brag and say that it was my green thumb, but alas no.

Though this post is sponsored by Scotts Miracle-Gro, I have to be honest when I say I think it’s their Premium Plants. I first got the plants plants as part of a giveaway I held and my 5-year-old was so stoked because he has a thing for plants.

We plomped them in the ground, watered them daily and periodically deadheaded them. Check them out:

New Premium Plants:


Fresh from Home Depot, they're getting ready to be nestled in their new home.

Fresh from Home Depot, they’re getting ready to be nestled in their new home.


Premium Plants now:


My Premium Plants.

My Premium Plants.

My nanny loves flowers and knows way more about this gardening thing than I do. (I often ask her for advice on such matters.) And when she asked me where I got my hanging plant because she couldn’t find anything with such deep colors like that, I admit, I puffed up my chest with pride and was like: “Home Depot, they’re part of these new type of plants coming out called Premium Plants.” Afterward I felt a little silly acting like I had the inside track on the latest in cutting edge garden trends, but I’ve always said I’m a work in progress.

Anyway here’s the potted plant shortly after I bought it:

Our hanging basket.

Our hanging basket.


Here it is today:

Hanging Premium Plants.


Regardless of what happens with the plants throughout the rest of the summer, the kids are enjoying the experience.


Baby and flowers


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