Green Day: An Rx for exhaustion over American politics

Living in Norway and watching the political unrest at home in America gets disheartening.

The 24 million or so people who could soon lose their health care, the horrible environmental ramifications to come under the defunding of the EPA, the assault on The Fourth Estate, the strengthening of hate groups, the list goes on and on.

At Oslo Spektrum.

A lot of us have had to take a timeout from these conflicts. This allows us to take a moment to recharge and then plug back … Read more ...

The Genius of American Idiot

Praise be to Jesus of Suburbia. Saw American Idiot on Broadway with my hubby and loved it. I’ve always been a fan of Green Day and their American Idiot album was a large part of my playlist for Chicago’s marathon in 2006. So I know every riff and word in that album.

But this musical, this musical made me think of the album in ways I hadn’t before. I love how the songs were strung together to tell a tale of American angst, anger, apathy, … Read more ...