Storytelling in Portland: I’m At The Alberta Rose Theatre

My big day is coming up. It’s not a wedding, not a baby, but it’s essentially just as important. It’s my biggest storytelling show in Portland thus far.

A couple months ago I got an email from Jimmy Radosta, a storyteller, writer and former journalist. I met him briefly after a storytelling show, complimented his performance and I’m sure my name/face was washed away by all the other people he spoke with that evening.

So imagine my surprise when his name popped into my inbox. … Read more ...

Storytelling in Portland: I Rocked the Mic Ya’ll!

For those who have followed my blog for awhile already know that I love storytelling.

Before we left Chicago, I was trying to immerse myself into the storytelling community and in Portland I’m trying to do the same.

StorytellerSaturday night Hubby and I went to a storytelling event, where a new friend of mine was to grace the stage. A cool thing about this event was that all proceeds went to Rahab’s Sisters, which is a group that helps women in Portland who … Read more ...

Former Portland mayoral candidate talks about hitting woman in college

Portlanders at a storytelling event last night got quite the surprise when former mayoral candidate Jefferson Smith took the stage and told a story about the time in college when he hit a woman at a party.

Smith, who lost to Charlie Hales in last year’s election, was a Democratic state representative who was considered a rising star in Oregon politics.

It's not a great picture, I know, but it's what I got. Jefferson Smith on stage talking about how he hit a girl.

It’s not a great picture, I know, but it’s what I got. Jefferson Smith on stage talking about how he hit a girl.

Then … Read more ...