All day I’d been hearing about how Hurricane Ophelia was on her way to Bermuda. I wasn’t too concerned but thought it might be wise to get the opinion of a Bermudian.

The hotel's message board about Hurricane Ophelia.

I turned to my good friend the sound engineer at Club Moon (long story) and he told me: “There’s nothing to worry about, you’ll be completely safe. We’ve had lots of hurricanes and in our history only two people have died.”

OK, that wasn’t quite the type of reassurance I was looking for.

However I do love storms. Growing up in Kansas my dad and I would sit out on our back porch and watch the thunderstorms roll in. The power of Mother Nature is awe-inspiring and since I’ve never been in a hurricane, I was kinda geeked to be near one.

Ophelia was a category 3 and she was headed our way. I watched as the guys at the hotel put away the umbrellas by the pool. They packed away the grill that was next to the outdoor bar and stacked up the lounge chairs. The hotel staff even put up a detailed message board.

My friend’s flight home was cancelled because of the storm, and we were all bracing for “the worst.” But Ophelia was a bit of a dud for Bermuda. Only American Airlines cancelled flights and a few businesses closed early. I was out and about for much of the day and there were just a couple of 15-minute storms.

I watched the first of those storms roll in. It was like a sheet of grey that slowly blanketed the island.

Though it was quite windy and I noticed a lot more sailboats out on the water. Since the eye of Ophelia was about 100 miles off shore we didn’t see much action. The same goes for Tropical Storm Philippe.

Looks like I’ll have to wait a bit longer to experience a real tropical storm.




Blogging from Bermuda: Ophelia and Philippe — 4 Comments

    • HA! OK, I’ll ride it out, help protect your stuff from the elements and all. And I’ll try to provide up-to-the-minute updates via my blog so you can know what’s happening while you’re miles away sipping pina coladas at a hotel.

  1. I was in the middle of a REALLY big hurricane once (whose name I fail to remember because it was nearly 8 years ago). It lasted all night – we of course were on vacation in St. Pete’s, Florida and evacuated to Orlando (which at the time seemed genius because we could continue our vacation with an impromptu trip to Disney World) – not knowing that the hurricane would change its course and do some pretty bad damage in the Orlando area. It was beyond scary! Glad that you “survived.” Hope your trip to Bermuda was great! I’ve been there once and it still remains one of my best vacation destinations ever!

    P.S. That hurricane that changed courses and slammed us in Orlando – never even touch St. Petes. (of course!) Murphy’s law right???

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