It was 7 a.m. and I was pretending to be asleep because I didn’t want Jane to ask me to go on a run with her. We’d been out dancing until 2 a.m. and though at dinner three of us said we’d go for a morning run, I was praying we’d all be equally hungover and simply sleep.

Front Street in Bermuda.

Then, 9 a.m. arrived and Whitney came into the room, dressed and ready to pound the pavement. I groaned. This is happening. Jane popped up, got her running clothes and looked at me as if to say: “You running?” I wanted to say no and snuggle back under the fluffy comforter, but my head had already nodded yes.

I lumbered out of bed, got dressed and a few minutes later we were asking the concierge about the best places to run. She recommended going along Front Street, which is filled with boutiques, restaurants and it’s where the cruise ships dock.

Standing in front of the hotel we began stretching to the amusement of the taxi drivers and doormen. A couple saw to it to give us some pointers. “Straighten your knee!” One guy barked.

Finally, we were off down Front Street. It was much different than my suburban running route. We ran under scaffolding, dodged lolligagging tourists, around construction sites and through exhaust-filled bus stops.

But still it was beautiful. The towering palm trees against the light blue sky, the old island style architecture and the rippling aqua water was all mesmerizing.

And then there was the cheering. Throughout the 3 mile run guys would honk their horns or yell at us: “Nice pace!” “Keep up the good work!” “Good job!” With all of that unsolicited encouragement, I began to feel like I was in a race with my own cheering section.

Though it was hot, really hot. I kept wishing I’d started out earlier in the morning when it was cooler because toward the end of the 3 miles I could feel the heat steaming from my body. Yet it was still a good run.

So I would highly recommend going on your morning run along Front Street. It’s an easy path and you might even get a few cheers along the way.



Blogging From Bermuda: A Run Along Front Street — 8 Comments

    • Thanks lady. I have to say sometimes the pull of the bed is just so strong, it’s like a black hole, especially when hungover. Thankfully with the support of my girls, I dragged my rear out there.

    • Yeah, it was kinda cool. My friends ran with their iPods, which I usually do too, but being in a foreign place with all of these cars, narrow sidewalks and people, I wanted to be able to access all my senses. But because of the iPods, they missed out on the cheering.

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