Steve Jobs, We Thank You

After dinner it’s my 4-year-old’s TV time and when I turned it on, I read the headline on CNN: Apple’s Steve Jobs Dies.

Logan loves is iTouch.

“Wow!” I say.

“What is it Mommy?”

I wonder if I should tell him. We’ve already had many conversations about death, so why not?

“Steve Jobs died.”

“Who’s that?”

He made your phone.”

“Oh.” We both sit silently. He’s watching me and I’m watching CNN, though I can almost hear the wheels in his head … Read more ...

Staying Connected With Your Loved One? There’s an App For That

Email. Facebook. Twitter. Text message. Voicemail. These are all the ways Hubby and I stay connected. (Outside of talking to each other that is.) It often feels like with our schedules we’re ships passing in the night, but with a little help, we try to make it work.

I was thinking about our relationship earlier this week and was amazed at how much we use technology to communicate whereas years ago couples would *gasp!* speak with each other. We text every morning: “Have a good … Read more ...

Lying To Your Partner About Your Purchases

Ever told your hubby that your new killer boots were on clearance and by “on clearance” you meant on the way to the clearance rack you stumbled upon the store’s hottest items? Or what about you guys, did you secretly wait in line, procure the iPhone4 and try to pass it off as your old iPhone?

Lying to your spouse about what you spend happens. Actually according to one survey, it happens a lot. The one done recently by credit debt management firm CESI Debt Read more ...