Steve Jobs, We Thank You

After dinner it’s my 4-year-old’s TV time and when I turned it on, I read the headline on CNN: Apple’s Steve Jobs Dies.

Logan loves is iTouch.

“Wow!” I say.

“What is it Mommy?”

I wonder if I should tell him. We’ve already had many conversations about death, so why not?

“Steve Jobs died.”

“Who’s that?”

He made your phone.”

“Oh.” We both sit silently. He’s watching me and I’m watching CNN, though I can almost hear the wheels in his head … Read more ...

I Confess, My Toddler Has An iTouch

Yes, you read that right. My little man has his very own iTouch. It was a birthday gift from his daddy. I am a professed gadget girl, but am sheepish about the fact that my boy has already had his first byte of Apple Inc.

My boys playing with the iTouch.

It started early this summer when Hubby proposed getting one for Logan’s birthday. I thought he was nuts at the time, but after talking to some educators, they all thought it was a … Read more ...