Steve Jobs, We Thank You

After dinner it’s my 4-year-old’s TV time and when I turned it on, I read the headline on CNN: Apple’s Steve Jobs Dies.

Logan loves is iTouch.

“Wow!” I say.

“What is it Mommy?”

I wonder if I should tell him. We’ve already had many conversations about death, so why not?

“Steve Jobs died.”

“Who’s that?”

He made your phone.”

“Oh.” We both sit silently. He’s watching me and I’m watching CNN, though I can almost hear the wheels in his head … Read more ...

An iTouch for a Toddler? ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!?!?

That’s what I said to my husband when he told me he wanted to get Logan an iTouch for his 3rd birthday. I repeat THIRD birthday.

Hubby and I are gadget geeks and we ooo and ahhhh over the latest iPods,iPhones, iTouch, iPads and iWonderWhatThey’llThinkOfNexts. And I believe we try to be somewhat sensible when it comes to getting stuff for Logan.

Which is why when hubby asked me if I thought we could get Logan an iTouch I was shocked. A 3-year-old? Really? … Read more ...