Tasty Tuesdays: Our Drunken Pub Crawl and Medieval Porn

Everyone who knows me knows how much I love to throw parties. In the time of 2002 BC (before children) we used to have a big party each year, my favorite was the 80s-themed one.  With two little ones, those days have been put on hold.

Sort of.

His and hers.

Hubby and I were talking one night and decided we wanted to host a pub crawl. It’s popular in this area for 20-somethings to have pub crawls using the Metra commuter trains since there … Read more ...

Uniting My MILFs: A Memorable Girls’ Night Out

There’s something special about mommyfriends. I’ve blogged before about my group of mommypals, you may remember, we call ourselves the MILFs.


Well we’ve known each other for roughly four years and early on, we were pretty tight, even had a girls weekend in Wisconsin. But over time, with changing jobs, growing families, ailing elders, swim lessons, soccer games, T-ball and ballet, we’d gotten lost in the demands of our lives.

Trying to get a Girls Night Out going seemed … Read more ...

Our Roles: Mom, Wife, Working Woman, Daughter … What about Friend?

You’re a mom and depending on the day, that takes up 90 to 100 percent of your energy. You’ve also got your career for which you’ve been committed to for years. Then there’s your hubby, and let’s not forget your own parents, siblings or other family members. So, what about your friends? Where do they fit in?

In our be-everything-to-everyone lives, finding time to spend with friends is hard. It’s crammed into your dwindling “Me Time” and it doesn’t happen near as much as anyone … Read more ...

Meeting A Best Friend For the First Time

This weekend I met six besties, BFFs, biffs and believe me, it was a BFD. I’ve blogged about these ladies before but we met on the parenting website BabyCenter in 2007 and formed a group focused on fitness. Six of our 10-member clique met in person for the first time Friday and spent the entire weekend together in a condo in downtown Chicago. Almost sounds like a reality TV show, eh?

We’ve been looking forward to meeting in person since those bonds were forged over … Read more ...