Uniting My MILFs: A Memorable Girls’ Night Out

There’s something special about mommyfriends. I’ve blogged before about my group of mommypals, you may remember, we call ourselves the MILFs.


Well we’ve known each other for roughly four years and early on, we were pretty tight, even had a girls weekend in Wisconsin. But over time, with changing jobs, growing families, ailing elders, swim lessons, soccer games, T-ball and ballet, we’d gotten lost in the demands of our lives.

Trying to get a Girls Night Out going seemed … Read more ...

Surviving the Birthday Party With Cake and a Smile

I confess. I didn’t do what I said I was going to. Remember how I planned to not stress and just have a few friends over and order pizza for Logan’s birthday? Ha, well, not so much.

About an hour after I posted that I remembered, my little guy doesn’t like pizza. (What kid doesn’t like pizza?) Then it looked like the few people we invited might not make it, save for one child that Logan doesn’t really know. That’s when I decided to … Read more ...