A Girls Getaway: Finding Sanity And Fun On Our Vacation in Bermuda

Pink sands. Turquoise water. Baby blue skies. It’s Bermuda, and man is it perfect.

Bermuda HotelAbout a year ago, eight girlfriends began planning this vacation. An escape to paradise with college roommates, sorority sisters and 7th grade pals. We chose Bermuda because it was a place that none of us had visited and as a getaway, it was perfection.

Bermuda is about 640 miles east of North Carolina, or basically a 2 hours flight for much of the East Coast.


The Hotel

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The Defiant Housewife: Raising Her Girls To Run The World

*My tell-it-like-it-is guest blogger, The Defiant Housewife, is back! This time she’s tackling double standards and the traditional women’s roles. Get ready.

This morning, I turned on the television. Beyonce strutted across the screen belting “Who runs the world?  Girls!” My two daughters simultaneously broke out dancing, and my 3-year-old sang the words with conviction. Every day, I tell her how amazing, intelligent, creative, strong and beautiful she is. She really believes that girls run the world, and so do I.

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From Gaga to Jay-Z: How Are We Shaping Kids’ Musical Tastes

Last weekend we stumbled upon a music festival at a microbrewery and naturally, we had to stay awhile. What a family we were, devouring barbecue and buttered corn only to be followed by a jam session that featured us three rockin’ out on our air guitars.

We drew a few stares and many smiles in this conservative enclave that’s closer to the Wisconsin state line than Chicago. But it didn’t matter, music lovers that we are, we were in our element.

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