Time Flies: We’re back to school in Norway

There’s always a mix of happiness and dread as school begins. We’re happy the kids are out of the house for the day, but the sense of dread comes as many parents turn into taxi drivers, shuttling kids from soccer to band to Scouts or other after-school shenanigans.

The flurry of activities can make the first few weeks of school a bit bumpy, but soon everyone adjusts and things even out. Generally.

First and fifth graders.

I feel like the back-to-school adjustment in Norway is … Read more ...

Back to School With The Help of My Norwegian Madea

The first day of school is just around the corner for many of us, and while some parents are thrilled to be rid of their kids, many of us are nervous and scared.

Some of you remember dropping off your little one on the first day of school, only to walk away with red eyes and feeling slightly traumatized. I remember when Logan started kindergarten, I rubbed the back of a sobbing mom and was happy I didn’t feel as shellshocked.

I’d already been through … Read more ...

Remember That One Time, When We Tried To Kill The Teacher?

It’s that time of year again. When everyone’s Facebook stream is filled with back-to-school pictures. In light of the education-themed hue our social networks have been filled with, I share with you a post Children of the cornabout how in elementary school we tried to snuff out our teacher.

I wrote it for one of my very good bloggy friends at Coffee Lovin’ Mom. The theme was to be Coffee Confessions and I found my fingers clicking out the sordid tale on my keyboard. You can check … Read more ...

Getting Ready for Kindergarten… I’m So Not Ready

I’m preparing my entry into the scary world of elementary school. Logan starts kindergarten in the fall, but there’s already been registration, Parents Night and class screenings. Oh. My.

A lot of the activities (rightfully) focus on getting the kids ready. But what about me? I’m not talking about the usual “my baby is growing up” wistful feelings most moms have. I’m talking about all of the crap you have to do before you ship them off. I’m so not ready.

The school year is … Read more ...