BlogHer, the biggest blogging conference for women is this week in Chicago and I’m going. I’m so stoked because I’ve never been before, but have always heard how it’s the blogging conference of all conferences.

I would often read about the great swag bloggers get or the hilarious antics of moms who had too much to drink while wearing too high of heels. But the conference not just fun and games. BlogHer is a multimedia powerhouse. The sessions are varied and include panels for those new to blogging and range from those who are new to blogging to panels that give even the most successful blogger new insights on the latest trends in the blogosphere.

BlogHer '13

And to think. I almost didn’t go. I registered, then later found out we were moving to Portland a few days before the conference. I hemmed and hawed and didn’t know what to do. Finally I decided I would be fiscally responsible and not go since the round trip ticket to Chicago from Portland compiled with the hotel stay would be more than we wanted to spend considering that moving ain’t cheap.

I sold my ticket to the conference. Two days later I found out that I not only was selected as a Voices of the Year honoree, but I was among the 12 selected to READ at the ceremony. Yowza! So hells yeah I needed to reverse course.

I got my hustle on, bought a second BlogHer ticket, a plane ticket and booked a hotel room. Phew! So looks like I’m headed back to the Second City sans kids and hubby! (Though we may be eating Ramen noodles for most of the following week…)

I’ll be blogging from the conference so come back to check out what happened at #BlogHer13, from what I hear, I’m in for a fun ride!



Coming Back To Chicago: It’s Time for #BlogHer13 — 4 Comments

  1. I will be looking for you! A friend of Wendi’s. Actually she is my neighbor.
    I was following your blog before I even knew that you knew Wendi. Booyah! Be looking for the old (er) lady cause I will be looking for you. 🙂

    • HA! I love it, so you liked me even before you knew I liked to toss back a few with your gal pal Wendi. 🙂 I don’t know who the hell you’re calling old. I will be looking for a fantastic, fun, young Chris. 😛

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