Peet’s Coffee Wants To Know What You Give A Cup About: Listen to one mom’s story

What do you care about? What I mean is, what gets your heart thumpin’? Is it soccer? Women’s rights? Same-sex marriage? Money? Coffee?

This post is sponsored by Peet’s Coffee & Tea, which is conducting what it calls the first social sampling experiment to launch their new Single Cups. It took them five years to develop this product — sounds like they’re fellow perfectionists, right? But that’s good, because you know you want your coffee done right. For this experiment called Give A CupRead more ...

Praying For Sleep Among The Walking Dead

They say your spirituality grows with motherhood. That’s true. I find myself praying a lot more these days, even in public places. The prayer usually starts out like: Dear God, Please let Ethan stay asleep.


Recently I said this prayer over and over again while toting my little man snuggled in his car seat as we ventured to renew my driver’s license. It had expired the previous week and in all the baby hubbub, I’d forgotten to get it renewed.

I walked into the … Read more ...